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Open all Year Air-Mail Post Office Shop


This is my idea for Lego Ideas. It is called an Open All Year  Air-Mail Post Office Shop. There are two sections of this set a outside and an inside. The Outside of the building comes with three hand sack trucks, a wheel barrow, a outside mailbox, mail on the outside mailbox, a make your own self service postage stamp computer with receipt and stamp printer, a building with roof, a scanner, two security cameras, a door, and a door frame, a flag pole, and a another flag pole on the ground. On the inside of the building you have two Post Office Employees with hats, a out going box for outgoing mail/ incoming mail, newspapers, certificates, a budget for a business, a computer, a label printer, a digital scale with mail on it. 3 birthday gifts, 3 regular boxes, a computer, a cash register with draws. I made this set yesterday because Lego and Lego ideas does not have a Open All Year  Post Office, This set lets your imagination runs wild and it would be great fun. This set is very easy to make and would not be expensive to buy. It would be great to have as a collector or for the Air Plane set that they made last year. Please feel free to vote for this set and to share it with your face book or twitter or you tube friends. Thank you for voting on this set! If you have any questions or comments please leave them on the site and i will check them and answer them if i can. Thanks again! Have a Great Day!

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