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LEGOLAND Central Station


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Welcome to LEGOLAND Central Station!

It is the beginning of rush hour and trains come and go continuously through the station platform! Robert, the Train Master, is on a very tight schedule to keep everything organized and on time. He is always asking his loyal secretary, Clara, to make him some more coffee!

And what a busy day it is!

Joe, the ticket seller, is under a lot of pressure as his colleague is on vacation, and he is left all alone to manage the ticket office, although it seems like he can handle it just fine!

Sue, is running late... She is on her way to catch the next train to Prague. She was invited there to play at the State Opera! She wonders if she still has enough time left to get a croissant from Berny, the old street vendor by the side of the station.

Hercules, the private detective, is delivering his luggage to the baggage check. He always prefers to travel light, so one suitcase is more than enough for him. He is travelling to London to solve a mysterious dog abduction belonging to the old duchess of Brickshire.

At the rear of the baggage check, Helen the postwoman, is sorting the mail and Mark the porter is stacking the baggage for the next incoming train. Old John, the Janitor seems to be everywhere, all at once! He never stops cleaning floors, doors, windows and the occasional (and… rather unfortunate!) blocked toilette. His nephew George, a station mechanic, is by the platform trying to keep in order the barriers for health and safety checks.

Diana is traveling with her baby daughter to Paris. Her husband works as a chef at the famous Parisian Restaurant. Michael, the apprentice conductor, is getting ready to stop the next train arriving at the platform...

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up, book your train ticket and start your own adventure! First stop is the LEGOLAND Central Station!

@Patgeo and I are huge LEGO train enthusiasts. For quite some time now we have been thinking that, although there is an abundance of train models, there is no such variety in train station sets. Hopefully, our new Ideas project will close this gap a bit and make train fans cheer!

Our train station is an exhibit piece by itself, as it is a luxurious and all-time classic building with influences from all over Europe, filled with custom-made furniture and full-service facilities! In our model (built in a 48x40 base), we wanted to incorporate all the grandeur that was prevalent in buildings around Europe in the early 20th Century and especially in train stations, as the train was such a popular means of travel for people.

Our model is fully modular, as the roofs can be easily lifted in order to have access to the interior; Inside you will find: The main hall, where you will have the opportunity to admire the LEGO-made exhibits of the first LEGOLAND train miniatures while waiting for the train to arrive, the ticket selling booth, the Train Master’s grand office, the baggage checking area with the mailroom, and lastly the WC.

We tried to imprint all the fuzz and stories that may take place in a train station, with the help of 13 minifigures in total, each with a little backstory! It is a train station with endless possibilities of play, which we will try to share with you in the next updates...

We really hope you like our Ideas project and help us make it a real set!

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