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The Generation Ship


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We've all heard stories and ideas of colonizing other worlds, but how do we get there? The answer is to make a generation ship. It would probably take thousands of years to travel to another solar system, so this ship would have to last for dozens of generations. Many artists and engineers have made prototype designs, and so have I! This is my version of the generation ship!

Features include a stand with a ball-and-socket end that can be used to adjust the position of the spaceship, and the ring near the back of the ship can be spun around!

This model consists of 660 pieces, the ship itself and the base it balances on. The base is 32 studs long, and 14 studs wide.

It would be really cool if you supported this idea, maybe it could even reach 10,000 supports! If you really think this is cool, it would be a lot of help to tell your friends or post something about this project on social media. And don't forget to check out my other projects!

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