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The Lord of the Rings: Mordor Orc Army


Mordor Orc Army is one of 5 sets that make up the ultimate Gondor collection (showed in the last picture)  

Pirate Ship Ambush (created by LEGO) :

The Lord of the Rings: The Fall of Osgiliath:

The Lord of the Rings: The Witch King Battle:

The Lord of the Rings: The Siege of Minas Tirith:

If LEGO ever created a Minas Tirith loads of cool features from the movie would be left out due to piece/price restrictions so I decided to split the scene into 5 different sets.  The set comes with 4 main parts, Grond, a catapult that fires skulls, a siege tower, and two Mordor flags.  3 functions, and 403 LEGO bricks.

The set also comes with 7 mini figures:

Rohan Soldier (x2)

Orc Soldier (x3)

Orc Commander



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