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Modular Parking Lot

This is a modular parking lot with room for two vehicles with two little flower beds / gardens separated by the icon modular building lantern as well as a bin and two parking meters to add a little flavour. It can be connected to the LEGO Creator Expert Modular Buildings with the LEGO Technic pins shown on the images.

I built this set to even out the 1.5 baseplate (48 by 32 studs) that the Assembly Square (LEGO Creator Expert 10255) uses to make an even 2 baseplates (64 by 32 studs) in total as the parking lot is 32 by 16 studs (half of a regular 32 by 32 baseplate). I also wanted a place to store the vehicles from the Palace Cinema (LEGO Creator Expert 10232) and Downtown Diner (LEGO Creator Expert 10270). This set solves both issues.

I believe this would be a great set to complement people's modular LEGO cities and solve the issues mentioned earlier (1.5 baseplate and needing a parking space). Akin to the LEGO Xtra sets which add a little more life to one's city, this set is meant to do something similar.

To make the build a little bit more special I raised the parking lot by one brick and made the actual parking spaces with bricks and plates on their side replacing the simple tiles.

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