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FX-002 Himawari Mech

Let me start by apologizing to any Japanese people who read the title and realize that it probably does not mean what I think it means. To my knowledge, Himawari is the English-ized version of the Japanese word for sunflower. If I am incorrect please tell me down in the comments. But why would I name this mech "Sunflower"? It doesn't sound threatening the way a battle mech's name should. I have named this mech Himawari because most English words sound way cooler in Japanese, and my mom said the giant shields you saw this mech carrying looked like sunflowers.

Moving swiftly on from my non-existent knowledge of the Japanese language, let's talk about this mech. it is yet another mech made with the glorious frame designed by messymaru; I'll leave a link to his bio in the thank you message. This mech has bending wrists, elbows, shoulders, fingers, ankles, knees, and hips. The cockpit opens and seats one. I have tested it, and the design is steady enough to support itself suspended between two cabinet handles that are about 5 or so inches apart. I tried with this mech to alter the design to put in a strange detail in the lower legs; it now has a round textured look in the lower legs. I also changed the wrist design to give it a wider range of motion and so now he can point a sword at you while keeping his arm straight at you.

In terms of weapons, this mech can be equipped with two large shields that my mom thinks look like sunflowers(they weigh too much for the mech to handle), a blaster, two pistols, and two swords, which I did not have photos of when I uploaded this(they will arrive in a future update). 

I think that this would make a good set because of all the playable features it has. Additionally, lego has only one fan-made mech set, and I want that to change. And finally and most importantly of all, it just looks cool.

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