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Icon A5 Seaplane


Hello guys, here's my first Lego Ideas Model! I don't have any access to Social Media, so please help me and tell all your friends about the Icon A5 by LegoBrickBoss! 

This is the Lego version of the Icon A5 Seaplane, a single engine, twin-seat, amphibious light aircraft. My A5 has a distinctive white paint job with a vibrant red trim colour. This model features a rotating 'pusher' (rear-mounted) propellor, properly placed identification lights (red on left, green on right), and a detailed cockpit that can seat one minifig. The aerodynamic layout of the A% allows it to reach a top speed of nearly 200 kph, and the boat-like hull on the bottom turns all lakes and rivers into potential landing strips.  My minifig is casually dressed in blue jeans and a red sweater. 

This model is very durable, lightweight, and visually appealing; and has the potential to make you waste your day 'flying' it around your house or office seeking new desks to land on and explore. 

106 pieces.

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