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Lego Thunderbirds are Go: Chaos Cruiser

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One word: Chaos.
The Hood's Chaos Crew, consisting of Havoc and her brother Fuse, are coming to cause as much chaos as possible with their super fast cars, Spoiler and Basher, and their all powerful dropship, the Chaos Cruiser. Can Captain Rigby stop them or will they get the best of him?

Features include
  • Rotating turbo thrusters
  • Rotating stud shooters
  • Four flick fire missiles
  • Opening cockpit
  • Opening storage areas for Spoiler and Basher
  • Ramp lowers for Basher to drive off
  • Rear ramp lowers for Spoiler to enter
  • Spoiler and Baser both come equipped with front mounted stud shooters.

Minifigures include
  • Captain Rigby
  • Havoc
  • Fuse
The reason I made this set is that the Chaos Crew's vehicles are so cool and they haven't been in a Lego set before so I wanted to make my own Lego versions of them. I built this set on Lego Digital Designer and I used the Paint app on the computer for the minifigures' torso designs in their respective details. The only error is that the original Chaos Cruiser has 2 docking clamps that lock onto Basher, a feature that I think is impossible for me to add so I added a hinged ramp instead.

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