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The Incredibile


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Whip into action with this incredible car! Based off of the iconic black sedan from the movies, this car has everything, from a GPS tracking signal to a function that allows it to drive on its own! 

I was inspired by the many, many other Ideas projects based around movie cars, such as the Ecto 1, Back to the Future Delorean, and the currently in progress MiB car (go check that one out by the way, it's really cool). I've always wanted this car to be a lego set, so I went ahead and built it.

Playability features include opening doors, a removable thruster in the back, and multiple keypads and switches on the interior. 

The set is also very displayable, allowing you to line it up with any other LEGO car you may have.

There is currently one minifigure, Mr. Incredible in his wedding attire from the start of the film.

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