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1958 Oldsmobile


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This is a 1958 Oldsmobile.
This is not the first car I build and this is probably not the last one.
I love old cars and building one at minifigure scale is always challenging.
Of course, at this scale, this isn't an exact replica. What I try to do is find the characteristics that make each car special and recreate this in Lego.
This model is 8 stud wide.
Or 6 stud wide on top, 8 on front (or 8 + 2 x 0.4), the front bumper is 9 stud wide, the rear of the car is 7 + 2 x 0.8 wide (7 + 2 x 1.2 on the bottom), 9 at the back.
In short: I had a lot of fun building it.
There is room for a minifigure on the driver's seat.
As always, I built it with real bricks to make sure everything was buildable and sturdy enough to be playable.
273 parts, so, no need to say the set would be really affordable.
I hope you'll like.
If so, please support!
And don't forget to have a look on my profile at the other cars I built. Some have already expired but you may still support a few other ones if you want.

PS: the car is pink but it could have been many other colors. Bright green works fine (cf. last picture).

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