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Turtle CS-1 and the Space Guys


Turtle CS-1 and the Space Guys

After being awarded the third place in the "Turtle Insanity Contest" held by Lego and Eurobricks, I decided to put my "Turtle CS-1" on Lego Ideas to try re-enhancing the "Classic space" theme that so many people from around the world still love, while hoping that Lego itself brings it back.

This turtle could be part of a "battle pack" with 3 or 4 Classic space minifigures.

CS-1 is a tireless helper, an ever-useful mate and more than just a back-up vehicle; in all respects, it's an essential part of life in space, a good companion through hard times, strong and sturdy in adversity. This turtle is everyone's favorite partner in a space mission.

Whether you'd like to own a CS-1 in your collection or you just want to play with it, please support this project and help spreading the word around, telling all of your friends about this tiny space technology gem. Maybe one day it will be available in shops around the world.

Thanks in advance for your kind support.

Devid VII

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