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Rock City Festival



                                     Welcome to Rock City Festival featuring 'The All Mighty BrickStars'

Being a musician and Lego enthusiast I wanted to build something that combined my favourite hobbies. This model comes complete with lots of extra areas of the festival (not just the stage) and some great finer details, which I think might lack in other festival type sets. I wanted to make sure the detail was at the right level for musicians and people who work backstage.

Please click through the pictures while reading the feature list below.

Main features this model include are: -

  • Ticket Office - The ticket office features a list of show times next to the booth that is made from stone coloured Lego with minifigure inside to take money from either the card reader or cash (sloped grey angled piece and gold round piece) Next to the ticket office is a turnstile for entry into the festival.


  • Bar Area - The bar is coloured with different flooring to separate the areas and comes complete with pump and glass trays all around the bar. It also features a barrel behind with cans and glasses around and underneath the bar, this has a smooth bar surface also.


  • Backstage (loading area) - this has a folding (up & down) ramp for loading flight cases from trucks into the backstage area.


  • Sound Engineer (Front of House) - This features a sound engineer with a large mixing console in front with screens above and windows to see the stage. The area has different shelving units featuring records, fire switch and emergency megaphone along with a clock and recording devices on the back wall.


  • Monitor Engineer (Next to stage) - Next to the stage is where the amplifiers for the speakers are kept and a technician minifigure to look after the band while on stage, he is seen with computer and mixing console also.


  • The Rock City Stage -
    • Drummer has a complete drum kit including kick drum, snare, hi-hat and crash cymbal. He also has a monitor speaker and microphone surrounding him with lights.
    • Guitarist has a custom red Fender Stratocaster guitar with amplifier and microphone
    • Bassist has smaller amp and microphone, which also features spare guitars behind.
    • Lighting all round with hanging lights over band on truss, a large musical note symbolises the logo for the concert.
    • The speakers are hanging from the truss, with front fill speakers nearer the middle and subs underneath the main speakers


Smaller details: -

  • Custom made poster for outside
  • Removable roof to access band
  • Crowd fences
  • Photographer
  • Security
  • Large display screens and speakers on stage
  • Cameraman next to stage to put footage onto the larger screens either side of the stage.

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