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The Big 7: Heroes' Mobile Headquarters


Hello. Thanks for taking the time to check out this project. I really appreciate it.

As a disclaimer, this is not related to any licensed products or licenses whatsoever, but it is something that I made up.


It's initially designed after a Mack tractor/truck, although this one does not have a sleeper section, this one fits two minifigures comfortably in the cab. The fifth wheel is just a turn plate (2x2). It has four wheels in the back to make it more stable, because if it has four wheels in the back, it would be easier to haul such a heavy trailer. The roof is completely solid. The tractor/truck has a flat nose, the sides of the nose are also flat, and it uses 1x1 clear plates for the headlights. It uses exhaust parts to represent exhaust coming out of the top of the tractor/truck. The truck has an extremely thick, flat bumper on it and it sits lower than the fender and the rest of the truck.


The trailer is basically like a tiny house with a garage for both a motorcycle and a car. There's an extra-large bathroom with a nice shower, a beautiful toilet, and a gorgeous, micro-sized sink. It has doors to keep the bathroom private, but you do have to go through the bathroom to get from the kitchen to the garage. The kitchen is fully-equipped with nice tile countertops, and it has a stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave, sink, and storage cabinet. There is also a spot for the motorcycle to park when it hasn't been ejected for chase purposes. There's also a hole for a sniper to shoot bad guys out of. The garage has an inventor's space with lots of tool racks and a communication "tower," which is full of communication equipment, and there's just enough room for the car, which can drive in and out via a ramp. It has four wheels and took a lot of bricks to build.


It uses a red LEGO city sport bike mold and has a flashlight in case the bike's headlamps go out. The yellow tank is starter fluid so they have it in case the engine goes out. It also has three antennae on it


The car is supposed to be a souped-up, high-performance sports car. It uses the sports car wheels and is raked forward a little bit to get the effect of a super-sporty car. It's a mid-engine car also. The back of the car includes four 1x1 transparent round red tiles as taillights and has exhaust pipes (2 of them) and a license plate represented by a white 1x2 tile. The side of the car exposes part of the side panels used on the car, and the car can also look good if you take off the roof and fits a minifigure comfortably with the roof on and off. In the front there is an indentation on the middle of the hood for an extra-sporty look. The headlights are built with the regular stacking technique but the grille and sides of the grille are built with the SNOT (studs not on top) technique. It's built with the standard LEGO City car base that seems to be used a lot nowadays, although that base is so well hidden that it's hard to believe I used it at all.

Villain's Vehicle

The villain's vehicle is sort of like a fictional ATV. It uses the LEGO City wheels and tires that seem to be used a lot, just not the same wheel holders. It has a laser launcher and it comfortably holds the villain and his jetpack. 


This may seem a bit childish, but I have named all of the minifigures in this set, but of course if you don't like the names, you can change them. The guy with the blue shirt and white sleeves is called "Nick," the guy with the Octan shirt is nicknamed "Octan" because he always wears that shirt, the guy with the green hat and green pants is named "Aaron," the guy with the Deep Sea Exploration subtheme torso is named "Aidan," the guy with the Exxon shirt and helmet is called "Alex," the guy with the blue sweatshirt and gray pants is nicknamed "Gray Fox," the guy in the Ferrari suit is nicknamed "Racer," and the guy with the blue cap and sword holder on his back is nicknamed "Sword." All of these minifigures have a classic face as a tribute to Classic LEGO. The villain (the guy with a black helmet and a jetpack) is known only as "Chainmail."

Once again, thank you for taking the time to check out this project of mine!

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