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Kinetic Martian Flower

Hello Lego fans! Welcome to my first project: I present to you, the kinetic Martian flower! The main features of this model is that the petals bend inward and outward just like a normal flower. I based this off the lily flower, only I made it ‘Martian’ to spice up the colour scheme. I have tested this physically and I’m sure this will make a good Lego set, as, despite its small piece count (less than 400!) would make a nice display piece, looking good AND is functional.
The building process
I must say building this was no joke! It took almost a month of work, particularly building the mechanism from scratch, and perfecting it so that it worked smoothly. An interesting challenge was to make the lower part of the mechanism as thin as possible, and I ended up using the white toggle joints for that! 
Potential problems/additions
Did you spot those tiles merging into one another? well yes, there is a flaw in my design, but luckily without the decorations there is no collision, so I’m sure the Lego design team will come up with a better design in the unlikely but exciting event this reaches 10k!

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