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UPS Truck


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Surly you all have seen a Ups Truck ​pass by your house at least once. I have seen so many pass my house in my life! In fact, there have been so many to pass, that I have finally decided to build a United Parcel Service Truck! ​It is my first creation to have scenery. Here are some more details about this project:

  • This project is 218 pieces.
  • In this set are two minifigures, a Ups Truck​, a dolly (that carries things), and four packages.
  • The truck ​has a single roof that reveals a cab for the driver and a package storage area.
  • The two minifigures are a customer lady, and a ​Ups ​employee.
I hope you liked my creation! If something needs work, let me know in the comments, please. ​Have a good night, everyone! (By cheesy. 6/13/2017)

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