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Railway Maintenance Truck


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Every railway needs maintenance, track and signal repairs or installations. So I present to you all my Railway Maintenance Truck.

Fully decked out in tools and warning lights, plus it's totally ready to drive off the road straight onto railway tracks.

Only one maintenance worker comes with this set design, though an extra one could be added if needed.

Our classic hand tools from the 1970's feature on the back of the cab plus a little red tool box on the tray top.

A feature not added but could be if redesigned would be a hitch to pull light rail cars to carry extra maintenance supplies.

The part count is similar to many of the Great Vehicles city sub-theme sets so it's sell price would be the similar also.

So if you like this project and could see it part of one's railway layout please support and follow it thank you.

Thank you also for reading and Brick On everyone ! 

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