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A trebuchet is similar to a catapult, but uses gravity rather than tension to hurl objects. This model actually fires; all you have to do is wind it up and let gravity do the rest of the work!


The model can fire one 2x1 brick around 19in (about 48cm) when wound up, although it can fire slightly further when pulled back with a hand due to the lack of friction.


  • Catch: The trebuchet is equipped with a catch so the model will not fire before you are ready.  It is easy to wind up in a counter-clockwise direction, and catches every quarter turn.
  • Consistent Range: Unlike other Lego catapults, which fire by slamming down on the end opposite the ammo, this model’s range is very consistent; by counting the number of “clicks” you can adjust the range to make hitting targets easier.
  • Practice Targets: Four practice targets are also included (2 towers, a gate, and knight dummy), which are designed to be easily knocked down with one shot.
  • Spare Ammo: The model come with six 2x1 bricks to use as ammunition.

Please support this project and help revolutionize the world of Lego catapults!



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