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Micro Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

Please support my other projects! and  You can watch the building of the Mini Wonder's slightly larger sister ship:


The Micro Disney Wonder is an astonishing 8 brick model, designed after her sister ships the Mini Wonder and the full size Lego Disney Wonder.  You can build this award winning model as the Wonder, Dream, Magic, or Fantasy.  You'll want to collect the whole fleet!

As a keychain, you'll think of island beaches every time you unlock your house.  It's a terrific companion for your Mini Wonder or full size Lego Disney Wonder.  You can buy all four, of course the family will need to sort out who gets the Micro Wonder, Micro Magic, Micro Fantasy or Micro Dream.  (If you can figure out how to tell them apart, let me know).

The Micro Wonder probably works best to compliment the larger Mini Wonder and larger sets in the Disney Cruise Line gift shops, so please make sure you support her bigger sister ship models as well, and


The Micro Wonder was instrumental in securing the "Vehicle Size Matters" trophy at the 2012 Brickcon.  The Lego Disney Wonder, Mini Wonder, and Micro Wonder were all displayed at the show in the various scales.  As you can see, the award is great for the Micro Wonder because she fits perfectly within the city scene on the trophy itself!  (Trophy not included)


  • Its a perfect size for a keychain.
  • Lego could provide itty bitty decals with each ship's insignia.
  • You color the top of the red studs black like the real stacks with a sharpie if you want.
  • Fantasy & Dream could be one stud longer.


I'm including a photo of the plans here in the main page.  I realize they're pretty complicated and you may not be able to find all the bricks.  In dire cases you could substitute black for the dark blue hull, please see the big Lego Wonder Cruise Ship ( project updates for details of the color choice.


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Please support all 3 wonders.  Let Lego figure out which size they want to actually sell!

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