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There's a lot of buzz around Doctor Who and Lego at the moment and there's also a lot of awesome new Tardis's, Doctors and assistants appearing every day on here because people really care about this show, and that's a good thing!

Clearly people want Lego Doctor Who. And as well as a TARDIS, I personally would love to see an awesome Lego UCS set of the Doctor's most famous villain....the evil Daleks!

So this is my submission. It's a rejig of a model I made over a year ago, but there's still room for tweaking here and there. I based the design on actual plans of a Dalek and I've tried to solve many of the problems a Dalek's shape gives to a budding Lego builder.

I think this would appeal to all ages of Doctor Who fans, from young to old. A great model to either display in an office or at home, or just have to have fun and play with.

Please stay tuned for more updates. I plan to build and photograph this model soon. I also plan to try some of the other color versions. I built this in grey mostly because I have a lot of grey lego, but I would like to see a gold/brown/tan version as well.

Please vote and share this set to all your fellow Dr. Who fans. If anyone can do renders that would be awesome as well. I always give credit! :D

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