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The Falconer's Tower


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Deep in the woods, far from the turmoil of big towns, stand a lonely tower. Through all the land people have heard of this beautiful tower and of the mysterious ballet arround it. Here live a young lady surrounded by birds of all sorts. Eagles, owls, falcons and many more. She love every last one of them and take care of them all day long. She heal their wounds, give them a place to rest and food to eat. A beautiful harmony here, in a goergous and luxury forest.

This build would be the perfect adition to your medieval display.

Inside, you'll find a falconer minifig and a large variety of birds which can be displayed into dynamic flight poses. Multiples holes and bar all arround the tower will let you place theses birds where you want to create the perfect feathered ballet.

The top parts's interiors are also fully detailed with a home for the falconer and an attic, home for the birds.
This medieval tower can be separated into 4 parts easily removable for access and moving.

Thanks for you're support and don't hesitate to share it if you like it, the birds, and myself, will thank you for it!

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