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Bionicle: The Return - Glatorian Zekor


It has been years since the Bionicle Chronicles ended. With Teridax's fall came a time of progression, as Agori, Mator  an, Glatorian and Toa worked together to bring Spherus Magna back to beauty.

But a new threat has arisen, and an old enemy has returned. Confusion and fear tears through the people, as the enemy grows stronger. But over the ages, new heroes and allies have risen to fight for the people.

Zekor is not new to battle. He had just joined in the arena when the Skrall attacked those many years ago. After that, he and many Agori from every tribe went into hiding. He and his followers were unaware of what was going on out there. However, news of a Glatorian with unimaginable powers came to them, and they went to see for themselves. Following the clues they received, they reached Roxtus just in time for the assault, seeing Tuma at the feet of a mysterious figure.

Afterwards, he remained apart from the Glatorian. He trained Agori and Matoran how to fight, rather than teach his skills to Toa and Glatorian. His excuse was that any of these may become worthy to join the New Guardians. But many realized that he believed, even with the powers of the Toa, and Mata Nui's gifts, they wouldn't be enough.

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