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Mobile Suit Gundam

I have seen some LEGO Gundam models in the past, but I have not yet seen one that features a fully functional core fighter, so I set out to create the famous mech at a large scale while keeping it as practical as possible.

The model has 2428 parts in total and is fully articulated with double-jointed knees and elbows, and ball-jointed thighs, wrists, and feet. The biggest challenge was keeping the proportions accurate, as earlier versions looked a lot more inaccurate, so it took some time to fully polish it. Of course, this model would make for a legendary display piece among LEGO fans, and Gunpla fans as well, as the two are model building systems, so it only makes sense for Gunpla fans to take some major interest in this idea. As previously mentioned, I wanted to stay truthful about what the Gundam can do, and I built the model focused around the three modular parts that merge into one. The core fighter transforms exactly like the real thing does, becoming the core of the mech itself. The model also includes the Gundam's cannon and shield, which can be held by the Gundam as accessories.

This project was tough, but worth it, and I am very happy to share it with all of you.

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