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Little Mans Blue House


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Little Mans Blue House

​My Blue house is designed to look life a normal, creative house as well as to look impressive. I have been watching many videos online to see what elements will be the best.

The house includes:

  • ​a mail box
  • ​a lounge that has a couch, table and TV
  • a kitchen that has a microwave, cupboards (fake) and a fridge
  • a bathroom that includes a toilet, toilet paper, sink, mirror, and urinal
  • a indoor paddock 
  • stairs
  • and a open bedroom that has mini wardrobes 
  • and chairs at the back

My Little Mans Blue House was created for young kids to old. I have made this design to also upload it on the new game 'Lego Worlds'. So please comment and support my design. Thanks.




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