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Manor House

Hello to all LEGO Fans. I would like to show You my new building "MANOR HOUSE" as a suggestion for a new set. This is my first project I submitted for voting and I hope You like it. I invite You to look at all the photos, although they will not reflect how it looks in real life. The building is built in the modular style, You can remove the roof and first floor to see very interesting interiors of the house. I tried to reflect as much detail as possible to make it look like a real home. The entire mockup has the dimensions of baseplate 32x64 studs, and the building itself has the size of 16x48 studs. I do not know how many parts I used exactly because I spent many hours on it and during this time I changed something many times to refine the details, I think I used about 3,000. If you like my project and would like to build it someday, please vote.

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