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Lake Balaton Research Center

This model here is a water research center, specifically on the Lake Balaton in Hungary, Europe. I built it because I visited Lake Balaton and the nature there is beautiful, though at some places it was polluted and it would be great if water could be cleaner, not only in Balaton but everywhere in the world. So this scientific research center has it all, waterfront docking area, laboratory, drone and mini submarines to examine water life and help clean the water from contaminations.

This model was built because I think many lakes in the world are polluted and we should clean them as fast as possible, a research center could provide answers how it is possible scientifically. The research lab has a drone and two small submarines, the roof and the side door are functional, can be opened/closed.

This model would make a great LEGO set because it's a new idea, shows a rarely known, special landscape, educational, environmental-conscious and also fun to play with.

Benji dog is also there to help the research, he has a large open area to lurk around. Groundbreaking research will help to better understand how to clean the water.