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Villa Minifig



Villa Minifig

Do you have tons of minifigs closed in a box? Have you ever dreamed to show them in a great LEGO exposer?

Here it is for you Villa Minifig, the house every minifig wants! With Villa Minifig, you can place all your minifig series in a single place together! The Villa is not only a very useful stand, but also a very nice detailed house in minifig scale! The house is large but not deep, so it's perfect to be placed on your shelf!

Villa Minifig is a beautiful italian house, built for the majority in beautiful light nougat colour, with 16 empty places that you can fill with your collection (minifigs in pictures not included). And on the top of the Villa there is one more place, special, where you can put your favorite minifig!

Each minifig support is a 4x3 black plate, like those you can find in the collectible minifig series, so you won't have any problem in placing minifigs on their stands! You can access the stands from the rear of the Villa, which is fully open to make positioning easier. There is enough space also for your large winged minifigs, even in the positions next to the side walls, thanks to the lateral small windows!

Do you have more than 16 minifig to expose? No problem! You can easily assemble together two or more Villas, to make it really yours and create a huge house of the dimension you prefere! Check out the pictures for an example, achieved using just two Villas.

If you like this idea, please consider supporting, and continue checking my project for future upgrades! Thank you!

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