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Leisure center


This modular set is composed of three floors. The ground floor is a bowling center accompanied by a vintage dinner. The first floor is a fitness center accessible by the front stairway. The rooftop is the continuation of the fitness center with a collective course place with steps and a relaxing garden on the right corner.

Ground floor:

When you come to this place, you can see just over your head the famous name of the tender called Indy. You’re at the entrance of the Indy’s bowling and dinner.

When entering the place, just in front of you are the bowling alleys with a short stairway and, on the right, the place to borrow your shoes and balls. Then you are ready to challenge your friends, strike the skittles and show-off about your score displayed on the screens just above your bowling lane. The automatic machines to bring your ball back will help you to focus only on the match. Maybe if you are really good and break the record, you will win the fantastic cup!

After an absorbing match, you can enjoy a good meal or a nice drink on the dinner corner. In the kitchen, the cooker will prepare you delicious pieces of cake or gigantic t-bones. You can also switch on the jukebox and listen to your favourite songs.

As you can see, the atmosphere reminds us of an Indiana Jones’ movie. It is maybe because the owner has always wanted to be an adventurer. Who knows…

If you’re in a hurry, you can also consider the drive for a rapid but tasty dish.

First floor:

Here is the state-of-the-art wellness center, with latest machines and material. When passing the turnstile and pay your subscription fees at the welcoming desk, you can go to the locker-room, get rid of your stuffs and wear your best sportswear. You’re ready to sweat on the running machine, the trek or even using dumbbells. You can also practice bench press or pull up.

Once really exhausted, you can enjoy a fresh or hot shower (it is a matter of personal taste).


The rooftop is an expansion of the wellness center. Here you can practice collective courses every day or just have a walk in the relaxing garden. Perhaps you could feed the carps in the pool!

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