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SWTOR Huttsbane's Hut

Here is another Star Wars the Old Republic Lego set. This set is based off of the Bounty Hunter Class. As usual, this set comes with a few collectable minifigures,

In this scene, you are a Bounty Hunter that has been hired by Nem'ro the Hutt, ruler of Nal Hutta, the Hutt Capital. Nem'ro has hired you to kill one of his arch enemies, the Evocii, Huttsbane. Huttsbane and his followers have been fighting Nem'ro and his men for Nal Hutta, Evocii's natural planet, which they want back. Nem'ro offers to support you in the Hunting, a deadly tournament of Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries, but only if you kill Huttsbane.

When you reach the hut, you find some Evocii Warriors guarding the entrance. Huttsbane is inside.

Inside, you find two Evocii. Huttsbane immediately confronts you, calling you murderer, butcher, and a series of filthy names. As Huttsbane tries to challenge you, his councilor tries offering a more peaceful solution. It fails.

Huttsbane attempts to strike you down with his vibro staff, but you knock him down. Two Evocii warriors then run in to the sound of fighting. Your hands are a bit full.

Once you have killed Huttsbane, you leave to return to Nem'ro. But you must hurry, or you'll loose your sponsorship.

This set can unroll to allow inside playing. From left to right, we have the door, a furnace, a bed, and a table with four chairs.

This set comes with seven minifigures, one of which, the Bounty Hunter, is of five random minifigures. We have four Evocii Warriors, Huttsbane's Councilor, and Huttsbane himself (minus the beard). The red figure stands where one of the five other minifigs could stand. For the five Bounty Hunters, we have a Male Chiss, a Male Cyborg, a Female Human, a Male Rattataki, and a Male Zabrak.

I hope you like this set. If you have any ideas to improve this set, don't hesitate to comment.

May the Force be with you.

Edition 2.0 Update: December 3, 2013.
Additions: Chimney over furnace/cooler for exhaust. Water collector (draws water from the air).

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