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Modular Glazier´s Workshop


Modular Glazier´s Workshop

I am very happy to present you my newest creation: The Modular Glazier´s Workshop.

It is compatible with the Lego Modular House series and it has a lift-off technology, so you can explore the interior. In addition, the building has 3 floors, which are all accessible by stairs. On the first floor is the shop of glass articles, in the second is the manufacture of glass articles and in the third is the attic with boxes. There are many small details to discover on each floor.

I put a special focus on the facade and the colors. Especially the colors should look harmonious.

A special challenge was the unique windows on the first floor.

In my opinion, this set is a lot of fun and very varied.

(2994 bricks)

I hope you like my project :-)


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