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Small Town Airport

This LEGO Small Town Airport packs all the main features of a standard terminal into a mini format to serve those smaller towns & passenger loads. The idea came from wanting a detailed terminal that fits in a lego town without taking up too much room.

The terminal features a modern earth blue & white design, filled with loads of glass windows for extra light.

Inside features:

  • A Self Bag Drop area
  • Security Checkpoint
  • Departure Lounge & Cafe
  • Customs
  • Baggage Reclaim

The Baggage Reclaim & Bag Drop both have manual rotating features to transport luggage easily!

In addition to the Terminal, there's also a mini control tower & 7 minifigures to help with the Airport's operation.

Minifigures include:

  • 2 Airport Workers
  • Businessman

With the Terminal built on separate plates, these can be rearranged to fit many different city layouts.

If you would like to see a smaller scaled, modern airport in your world, giving your support for this project would be highly apprechiated!

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