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The "Minimundus Avenue"

What is it?
This is a modern and fictional street view of what it might have looked like in Germany in the late 1920s. But as a miniature world. All of the houses shown here were in different cities and were built between 1858 and 1926. Only here you can see the four houses on one street, The "Minimundus Avenue".

The "Minimundus Avenue" is an idea based on an old memory. When I was a child, my family often traveled to Austria. There, in the city of "Klagenfurt", there was a miniature world called "Minimundus".

Why did I build it?
I wanted to create a small miniature world with these four houses that fits the Lego building kit models and I saw it as a challenge for me to build these as a miniature theme for a Lego city.

Why might Lego build it?
It would be great if there was a fine Lego miniature park one day.

Now some data about my little model for you.

The 4 houses with names, year of construction, architect and city
1) Casa Citrohan from 1923
(Architect: Le Corbusier) Stuttgart
2) Haus Am Horn from 1923
(Architect: Georg Muche) Weimar
3) Gropius House from 1926
(Architect: Walter Gropius) Dessau
4) Haniel schoolhouse (built as a residential building) from 1858
(Architect: Maximilian August Nohl) Duisburg / Ruhrort

Further data:
2 base plates 32x32 studs
Footprint: 64 x 36 x 19 studs
Pieces: 2369
Architectural style: Bauhaus / Neo-Gothic
Grams: 1498

Do you like my miniature model?.

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