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Fun Playground (Let's Have Fun)


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This time it is a playground. Above all, children's favorite place is the playground. It was made for our twin kids who love to play. Any playground is fun. It was made by combining dinosaurs and rides that children love.
I wanted to make it small at first, but it was not easy to make it small. As I made it one by one, it got bigger and bigger. Eventually, it became the third floor.

You can play while climbing various stairs and ladders. The most exciting thing is the dinosaur slide.
It enters the dinosaur's mouth and goes up and down to the third floor. You will be able to do tagging.
Overall, it looks like a castle. It's a bit dangerous, but you'll have fun. Everyone, let's have fun.

This playground is the beginning of the playground. I want to add children's rides to this. Next time, I'd like to make smaller and more fruitful rides. I want to create an amusement park.

Thank you. Please take a look at this playground.

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