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LEGO Star Wars - Order 66 Collection Bail Organa's Airspeeder

Order 66 brought about destruction to the Jedi temple. As Bail Organa a senator from coruscant flew his airspeeder to the Jedi temple he saw smoke rising from it. After landing his bright red sleek airspeeder on a landing platform he was approached by a group of 501st legion clonetroopers and told there had been a rebellion and that he had to leave. Immediately after a young Jedi ran out on the ramp called Jett Jukassa and attempted to take them on. This is a play set involving that scene.

This is a memorable scene from star wars episode III and is so because it allows us to see the full extent of the Jedi betrayal and the manipulation of the republic. Although the scene is depicted in this set, the focal point is the X-J2 airspeeder which would give collectors a chance to purchase a cool coruscant vehicle and one that is playable in any imagined scene.

The bail organa mini figure is a long awaited mini figure for many lego star wars fans and collectors and would also be acceptable included in a tantive cruiser model where he would play a part in rescuing Jedi master Yoda and Jedi master obi wan Kenobi after the outbreak of order 66.

Jett Jukassa is a jedi apprentice that would make a nice addition to a Lego collectors minifigure collection. He would also suit a Jedi temple collection or wave of sets based on that. As a Jedi apprentice he might need a Jedi braid (unfortunately I didn't have a headpiece with one).

The XJ-2 Airspeeder is a sleek vehicle that speeds through coruscant skies and Bail Organa rescues Master Yoda from the senate in the vehicle. I designed it based on the original Episode III appearance and it has distinctive tail fins and a red speedy paintjob.

The Jedi temple part of the set features a sliding door that can be pulled open from above and a walkway/gantry that leads to the landing pad for airspeeders and ships. The landing pad part of the set is designed to be playable within the scene depicted but also playable in other scenes. This set can be joined onto peoples own MOC creations of the Jedi Temple or even other coruscant buildings.

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