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Modular Micro City


First Update: "Around the world"

Thanks you for the incredible support! You are incredible!
To celebrate the first 100 supporters i want to share with you the first update of my project!
4 Iconic Structure from all around the world( well, 2 of them are from my country, but doesn't matter aha)

And this is an example of integration with the other expansions (if you look close you can see some small minor change and new mod)

1) Leaning tower Of Pisa:
the biggest challenge here was to reproduce the iconic slope of the tower, but I think I found the best solution

2) Colosseum:
Here i reused an old design (made for an activity). Despite the limit imposed by the scale (and by myself!), I think the most famous building of Rome is easily recognisable!

3)Greek Temple:
This is really simple but it's my favorite of the 4!

4) Mesoamerican Pyramids:
yet another challenge for me do to the imposed scale, but it turned out pretty well!

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