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The Doors of Durin

Inspired by Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings movie, The doors of Durin is a set built in two sides.
It is also part of a series of sets about The Lord of the Rings movie you can vote for on those links:

The Front side:

It represents the fellowship in front of Morias mines door, trying to solve the Elfian riddle wrote on the door, illuminated by stars.
The Doors can be open by a mechanism hidden on the back side of the set.
When they are closed, they look sealed by magic.
There is an hidden trap under the lake to hide a treasure.
You can recreate the fight with The Water Watcher, the giant octopus.

The Back side:

It represents the entry of Morias mines built by the classic Durin architectural style.
The mechanism that open the doors, is also making the statue mooving as they where gardiens,
You can turn them on by the two cranks on the side.
The scene shows the sad discovery and desolation felt by the fellowship mad when entering the lost Dwarfs Kingdom.

The Complete List Of Characters: 
- Gandalf
- Frodo
- Pippin
- Sam
- Merry
- Aragorn
- Boromir
- Legolas
- Gimli

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