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US Dump Truck

Hello all. My model uses parts and influences primarily from Technic sets 9397 and 42008. My intent with this build was to preserve the look of the 9397 cab, but modify & strengthen the chassis to include a dumping function. I have 3 cranes, 4 bucket loaders, and a bunch of trucks with claws that LEGO has made over the years, but not a single highway dump truck. So I decided to make one myself :)

It's a US-style Dump Truck straight from Michigan USA!

Happy viewing!

I have redone the cab and steering architecture to accept the battery box, which lifts the bed

A view of the chassis. The box is removable, and secured to the liftarm by 6 push-pins

From the underside you can see my efforts to strengthen the chassis to accommodate the dual wheels

All said-and-done, it's pretty big!

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