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The Ring Of Power - The Finger Of Sauron

"One Ring to Rule Them All…"

I've been wanting to do a build of a movie prop, I like the sets that have been released so far. Those, however, are a little too obvious to me. The most iconic part of Lord of the Rings is definitely the one ring, but that would make for a very boring build.

This is the moment Sauron loses the ring, along with his finger. Its armor is very dirty and tarnished, but the gold band glows with Tolkien's "ring verse" in elvish script. It is mounted on two rocky pillars and includes Sauron and Isildur as the ring flies through the air. There is also enough room in the large section for a LED brick, but I don't know how dim it would get through several layers of translucent bricks nor could Studio render what I wanted, so no images of such were included. I estimate it's pretty close to 1:1 scale.

325 pieces.

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