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Classic Automobile


Ever wanted an awesome classic vehicle, if yes then this is the model for you! This car has all the classic features you can imagine, unfortunately no engine, and even comes with a classy minifigure! Now the clichéd marketing is over, I'd like you to know all the simple, but very effective, features the model possesses.

The classic automobile is a collaboration of many classic vehicles and styles so it is not based on one car alone and would not need special licensing.

The car itself has a long bonnet section also there is a badge, which a micro build of a flying bird, a front radiator, head lights and a front bumper. There is also a spare wheel on the back of the car, behind the driver, which can replace any wheel required. There are also iconic wheel arches which are in red like the entirety of the body work. The seat is red too. There would be one minifigure which would where a suit, like 'Lord Vampire's' suit from the 'Monster Fighters' range but the figure would have a standard top hat and a regular smiling face (the simple expression of the classic 1980's Space minifigures not modern LEGO City faces).

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