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Old School House (Haniel Realschule From 1858) or "Die Ruhrpottwache" Duisburg-Ruhrort


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So! Here I am.
After a trip to the game & car world made of Lego bricks, I have a small one here again
Architectural model in miniature for you. It is known to German TV series fans as the
"Die Ruhrpottwache", a police series in which this house represents the police station.
But: It's not a police station and the series: Well, there are better ones. For example Lego.

What is it?
Here you can see an old German school in typical German brick construction.
It is the " Old Haniel Realschule" (secondary school ) from Duisburg Ruhrort in Germany.
Known in Germany from the TV series mentioned above
Some data on this:
Year of construction: 1858
Client: City of Ruhr Oort
Financing: Friederike & Franz Haniel
Architect: Maximilian August Nohl (Nohl's first architectural commission)
Architectural styles: Neo-Gothic
Type: Boys School
Locality: Duisburg - Ruhrort (in 1858: City Ruhr Oort)

The Duisburg Broadcasting Museum is located in the school's former sports hall.

Why did I build it?
I saw this house and thought I have to build it. I still have these building styles not see at Lego. It's such a typical and common architectural style in Germany. I built and built. And what was the result?
The house in XXL format. I say "Hello" to me? This is not an option for Ideas Lego.

So i rebuilt a new and smaller version of the house which I then adjusted over and over again. And that's what came out of it.

Why might Lego build it?
This would give Lego another house that looks different with its simple but elegant brick design.

Now the Lego data

Type: Miniature
Utility building: town house / school
Length: 40cm / 50 studs
Width: 34 cm / 42 studs
Height: 29 cm
Weight: 2767 gr.
Parts. 2927

I hope you like my little school and that you also have memories of your school days.

3x3=3 ? erreor

Hahaa !

Web info

Haniel Realschule, Rundfunkmuseum


Architekt Maximilian August Nohl

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