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BB8 Bobblehead



In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, BB8 speaks in his own way through the tiniest of head movements, conveying all sorts of emotions.
With that as inspiration, I present boBBle-8 - a BB8 build with a hint of that charisma and charm.

This curvaceous, sturdy design is easy to build and full of character. At under 500 pieces, I estimate an RRP of around $30-45*.
From quirky desk companion to target practise, this build is sure to please all ages with its variety of uses. You can even use his robust body as a bowling ball, but I don't think he'd thank you for it!

The wobble mechanism has been through hundreds of iterations to finally arrive at the ideal setup. It has a soundless, lively wobble; is easy to build (with only 9 pieces) and puts no irregular strain on any piece. The head is so easy to pair with the body that it can literally be dropped into place and it will start bobbling!

But this build isn't all about that wobble. The spherical body is just as important in bringing BB8 to life. Not only is this sphere stud-free-smooth, but its sturdy modular design means it's incredibly easy to build (as shown in the video). It has also been through countless iterations, ending with a setup of 4 sides of identical structure.

If boBBle-8 has sparked your interest, please consider supporting us below and give this build a chance to hit the shelves!

N.B.  If bobbling isn't LEGO's style, this design could be very easily changed to a simple rotation mechanism still preserving much of the appeal.

*$30-45 estimate based on Wall-e set having over 50% more parts and a price around $45-60

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