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Working LEGO Holograms.

These LEGO holograms actually work!
Just place each one on top of a video source like a phone or tablet. And it reflects the bright parts of the image or video, making it look like an actual hologram.

The first one fits most phones and is red, because red is cool! You can flip up and down the screen to get the best effect, and the 2 teeth pieces on the front are there solely to hold the phone in place a bit better.
The second design, the pocket hologram, is made out of a few simple pieces and it folds. So you can take it with you wherever.
The third design is meant to be a LEGO replica of the "Hologram Prism" science project, that we've all thought about trying at one point. You can fold it sort of flat too! To use it, just grab a tablet and play the special video of a spinning Minifigure. (Or any other number of videos that can be made.) It works pretty well, but not as good as the others in my opinion. Still SUPER cool though.
I think this would be a really great idea for a LEGO set. The set would not include any devices, only the pieces to build the hologram displays. As most people already have some sort of device with a screen.

There could even be a QR code on the box or something that goes to the video link. Or maybe an app with a bunch of holograms to choose from.

I designed these on my Youtube show Brick Science in just a couple of hours, and I’m super happy with how they turned out.
Man, reflections are cool!

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