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LEGO Friends - Apiary


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I love LEGO Friends, so I've created an apiary for them. I think bees are important, and they deserve one set dedicated to them! It can teach children about how important it is for the planet. There are two beehives, and wild one on the tree. Honeycombs can be removed from the hives to gather honey on the special honey-making table. You have an empty jar and a lid to fill it, a bowl, a tool to gather the honey and two jars filled with gold honey. There would be one mini doll in this set (I think it can look different, the shirt with a bee stripes pattern on it would be lovely, but I couldn't make my own in Studio). I've designed sample bee-stickers which you can attach to hives on the both sides. Also, the jar lids have a honeycomb printed on it. 

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