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United Kingdom: Fire Engine


This is a realilistic UK fire engine which is based on the current models. The front cab section holds up to 4 people or 3 and room for breathing apparatus. Like a scania fire engine, the rear has three fuctioning gear lockers. On the roof are 3 ladders for their own unique purpose.

The ladders also fold down so mini figures can access them quickly in an emergency.

The equipment included:

  • axe
  • radio
  • broom
  • ram (used for forcing cars open)
  • saw
  • 4 jet horses
  •  horse reels
  • work light
  • 2 stabfast (stabilisation devices)
  • 2 step blocks
  • 4 traffic cones
  • 2 torches
  • first aid kit
  • thermal imaging camera

All of this equipment fits needly inside the fire engine and allows for fun play.

The included vehicle can simulate a car crash or car fire and creates fun role play.


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