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The Factory

This is a factory that Bravedaddy24 and I built together. It has a removable roof and swing-out walls for easy playability. It has a roll-up garage door for deliveries and one side for manufacturing and one side for desk workers. There are lots of gauges, control panels, generators, pipes, and engines. The structure is held up by big red girders. There is a moving assembly line with a step for the workers, a fan on the ceiling, and a robot claw to assist the assembly. There is even an opening at the end of the assembly line so that the finished items can fall out to be loaded onto the truck. Minifigures include a manager, a desk worker with donut and newspaper, foreman with radio, worker with adjustable wrench, four assembly line workers with tools (hammers and crowbar), welder with blowtorch and welding visor, and delivery manager with handcart and megaphone. Also included are two more blowtorches, a fire extinguisher, and two fuel barrels. The delivery manager, welder, and one assembly line worker have reversible faces. I think it would be a great LEGO set because of the awesome playability and all the moving parts and features! Please support! Thank you so much!

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