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Sly Cooper - Thieves Van



Sly Cooper is one of the most famous games created today. This game has four versions to date, but this set is related to the second version (Sly 2: Band of Thieves).
This game is also known to be a unique one of the most popular gaming platforms in the world.


Thieves Van

I tried to make this model as set like as possible, but the most challenged thing creating was drawing this three little minifigures, I only design the "clothes" because the heads are really hard to draw and I can't do it. I know i did miss a few things but this is the best i can do. This set contains a van, made in LDD, it has a giant sticker of Sly Coopers Gang logo on the two sides, printed plates, etc... The set also contains three 100$ plates, a gold statue and two little diamonds (red and pink). This set has 257 pieces. At this piece count, this set would probably be in the $35-$40 price range.



This LEGO set contains just three figures:

- Sly Cooper - The Master Thief

- Bentley - The Brain

- Murray - The Muscle

This minifigures have lots of accessories like a scarf, a bag, two hat, the sly`s cane, etc...

Bentley is the unique minifigure who has short legs, the others have the normal ones.

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