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The Volkner Mobil Performance is a high priced camper for those who want to be on the road all year long. What makes this camper special? The wall out is over the entire length of the car, making the floor surface 50 percent larger. The Volkner patented the car under the camper in stead of the car in the rear of the camper. Making it possible to take a more sportive car with you. 

The Lego set features an engine block, working steering column, bathroom, lounge, kitchen, bedroom, a lot of storage space, two bikes, a barbeque, picnic table and chairs, surfboard, and of course a car. This set is a large set yet easily buildable in sections. The whole left side can be pulled out three studs so the curvy walkway becomes three studs wider inside. On the right side a large door folds up to reveal the car.

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