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Crimson Thunder


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Crimson Thunder - state-of-the-art firefighting helicopter!

The new front-line against wildfires comes in the form of the most advanced helitanker. Combining superb maneuverability, speed, and precision, the Thunder compensates the relatively small water tank with unsurpassed precision and efficiency in fighting the fire at its source, under all-weather conditions, including high-winds and zero-visibility.

It's two-person crew operates such advanced technology as infra-red and ultraviolet scanners, special laser-scanning arrays, and state-of-the-art radar and sonar capabilities to allow its main front water hose to direct a super-high-flow water jet directly towards the high-temperature ignition source, allowing ultra-accurate and efficient use of the water. The twin powder projectors, located on the side "wings", allow the Thunder to cope with special fires, such as flamable chemical or oil spill fires.

A night-vision/zero-visibility tracking feature and modified turbine and blade technology mean the Crimson Thunder will not be grounded even in high winds or extreme low visibility conditions.

The helicopter would be accompanied by two minifigures, the captain responsible for piloting the Thunder, and a co-pilot that would sit behind him operating the firefighting technology.

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