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XY1300 Spacecruiser (Made by Kodiak)

In the year 2184, Kodiak has become the largest manufacturer of civilian and military vehicles. Interplanetary travel has become a staple for all vehicles. Due to asteroids and other rogue space debris, all ships either must be armed, or have an armed escort. This ship is made for just that! Being able to carry passengers and armed with 2 WX800 double-barreled particle guns, 4 RY30 double-barreled energy cannons,  2 GK1 double barreled assault blasters, and 4 one-way Ark cannons (All made up names.) This ship achieves the rank of the main tourist spaceship, due to its sightseeing abilities with the scoutship. Another feature it has is being able to split into a larger ship and a smaller ship allowing people to not only see the asteroids, but also see the cruiser in action! I built this because I had seen weaponized spacecraft on Lego Ideas, but I had not seen a tourist/defense cruiser, so I made this one! The pictures below include images from LDD (Lego Digital Designer) and Studio of both parts of the cruiser together and separated. 

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