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Hi everyone! This is my Pinocchio Project! (God! His name is hard to spell. I had to check it online! Twice! :) )

Pinocchio is my favorite story of all times. And I am pretty sure some of you guys out there love this wooden little boy too. Pinocchio was written by Carlo Collodi back in 1883. And has at least 14 movie adaptations. The best thing about Pinocchio is that there are lots of different stories in it.

Here in this first part of my Project I present you Geppetto's Workshop! Geppetto the woodcarver is working on wooden puppets. And wishes that he had a son! Fairy Mother hears that wish and swings her wand. And the puppet becomes a wooden boy!

There will be other settings as "The Stomach of The Whale" and "Toyland".

I hope you enjoy it...

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