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4 Player Chess Set


Hello there, you may be wondering why a 4 player chess set would make a good Lego Ideas set. Well, the reason is simple. Not only does it give builders a fun challenge, but it also is very functional and provides the opportunity for limitless fun once it's built. After constructing the board, builders will find that there is more than one way to play the game. Not only does it offer the choice of all the classic ways to play, but now more can join in the fun with this 4 player addition. This project would make a perfect Lego Ideas set, because not only does it invoke creativity while building, but also strengthens critical thinking skills once the building is done. I hope you will take the time to consider this project and support it, too. 

• Classic chess games can be played on the inner 8x8 grid

• 4 player chess can be played using the entire board 

• Captured pieces can be stored on the side of the board until the game is over

• Unused pieces can be left inside the chess board

• The rules of 4 player chess are the same for classical chess

• Your pawns move away from you just the same and they have to reach an enemy wall to become a queen

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